Our training philosophy is backed by the humane hierarchy and the LIMA method. We always start with reward focused training and as much as possible, give choice and control to the dog during our lessons.

I will never use or recommend e-collars, prong collars or any harsh training methods that have been shown in scientific studies to adversely affect dogs.[1][2][3]

I strive to stay current on the science of dog learning and train accordingly.

LIMA is an acronym for Least Intrusive Minimally Adverse effective behavior intervention.

As a LIMA base consultant (trainer), I make sure I use humane and effective interventions and strategies in helping dogs and clients. We use the humane hierarchy throughout the training process to help everyone achieve our desired goals.

You can read more about LIMA here.

The term behaviorist is often misused. In the United States, a Behaviorist describes someone who has a Masters or PhD in one of the behavior science fields and is a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist through the Animal Behavior Society.

There is some overlap between training and behaviorist care. While I do deal with some behavior issues (anxieties, some fears, etc), I mainly focus on training. If your dog needs specialized behaviorist care I can help you find a great behaviorist.

Most often, we can assess if a behaviorist is needed during our initial consultation.

Each dog is different in regards to breeding, ability, and temperment and each situation is unique; Ethically, I cannot 100% guarantee the outcome of my services.

What I can guarentee is that I will do my absolute best providing you and your dog training methods whose safety and effectiveness are grounded in the current science. These are just some of the many factors that affect training outcomes.

I am confident in the effectiveness of our methods, and that they have the well-being of the dog in mind; That said, if in the first 3 sessions (including the free consultation) you don’t feel that us working together is the right fit, I will give you a full refund, no questions asked, and provide some suggestions of trainers that could help.